L’espositore luxury per il tuo brand

Shine in the spotlight, the protagonist of the showcase. The accessory acquires life and personality thanks to the perfect display. It is the DIBIDESIGN Anticorodal aluminum display.

From many years of experience in the world of metal finishes alongside excellent names, DIBIDESIGN offers a line of Anticorodal aluminum displays combined with other particular materials with shapes, colors and innovative and unique design.

The attention to detail, the essential design, the choice of the best materials, the absolute quality of the finishes are fundamental in this small, great architecture.

The elegance of the exhibitor thus multiplies the elegance of the accessory: shoes, bags, hats, bijoux, express all their stylistic originality and exhibit all their attractiveness.

But there are also important technical solutions that make the most of the exhibited object.

The possibility of tilting the display is fundamental, which allows you to tilt the accessory to be exhibited in any direction, according to the best light, following your own display fantasy.

An intelligent and valuable solution that uses a concept created and deposited by DIBIDESIGN.

Another strong point of DIBIDESIGN exhibitors is the absolute possibility of customization. Starting from an already very wide range of 16 models, the customer can vary, according to his needs, both the support base, the support, and the display plate, choosing different materials, colors, sizes and composing them freely.

If the single accessory is enhanced to the maximum, the entire showcase also acquires personality: with golden displays for the Christmas holidays, with silver displays for an icy effect on the total white of wedding dresses, with colored displays to create a surprising color palette.

Under the banner of Made in Italy as a synonym of guarantee, the entire range of DIBIDESIGN displays is made in Italy, from the conception to all stages of construction and assembly.

Certified management criteria for quality and customer service are adopted throughout the supply chain.

Publication date: 11/10/2017 Author: Franca D. Scotti